Did you know...


• You get camping fees and a weekend ticket to the festival included in the price of the festival training ticket.

• There are as many as 28 workshops to choose from in just one hour.

• Trainers are selected not just from Australia but from around the world.  We receive over 300 applications to come and teach here at the training week.

• The training site has been purposely built for the Circus Festival.

• There's a cabaret show every night during the festival training week.

• You're only allowed a 29 second shower.

• A huge amount of young aspiring performers have gone on to tour the world after meeting trainers here at the festival.

• The circus chefs cater for up to 250 people each day onsite.

• It very rarely rains, but when it does it floods!

• It's not just your standard circus disciplines, we also have classes in all aspects of performance, a variety of dance, magic, comedy, rigging, counterweighting and even how to tie a knot.

• Particpants travel from all over the world to experience the training week.

• There are industry discussions held after training in the bar.

• Circus Oz have never been to the festival but are rumoured to come this year!

• Anything can happen at the festival, there was even a marriage on the Rocketship one year.

• The training is open to all ages - In 2017 our oldest participant was 67.

• The festival is officially twinned with the Circus and Theatre Field of The Glastonbury Festival.

• More facts coming soon










2018 Circus Festival Starts 12pm Jan 26th