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The Performance Stream is a great opportunity for aspiring circus artists of all ages to develop performance skills.

We engage a professional artistic director to work with you for 2 hours a day to create a brand new show (or to further develop an existing one) which you then perform to a real live audience at the festival.  Afterwards, you can take it back to your town or you could tour it!

Any group or individual who books into unlimited classes for all 3 weeks of training may join the performance stream for a guaranteed performance opportunity at The 2018 Western Australian Circus Festival.


Bring your whole circus group to the 3 weeks of festival training.  Your group will work with the artistic director to create your own show.  You may choose to improve an existing show, finish a partly developed show, or create a brand new show from scratch.


Individuals who book into all 3 weeks of training may join the performance stream.  All the individual people meet on the first day of summer school to work out what they want to do.  It may be practical for the whole group to work together, or it might be better to break into smaller groups.  Therefore if you know that a group of friends of around your age and skill level will be at the training together, you can plan to create your own act with the support of a professional artistic director.

The work you create will be performed at the festival.

Did you know, you also receive a $100 discount when booking into all three weeks!







2018 Circus Festival Starts 12pm Jan 26th